Marketing Strategy

Deliver experiences that attract customers and drive your business forward.

Questions. Wishes. Wants. Unknowns.


Results Start With Solid Research & Marketing Strategy

You wouldn’t start a new company without a business plan. Or offer a new service without doing research. So why leave your marketing to chance?

A well thought out, research and marketing strategy is vital to driving sales. Every piece – from your brand position, identity, and message to which channels to best reach your target audiences – impacts how people see your brand. When you plan to have all these marketing elements work together in the best way, you improve the likelihood of success.

Even if you think marketing research and planning take time, the payoff is worth the effort. And that's true, especially in today’s competitive environment. You can bet that your competition is conducting research and updating strategic plans to gain (or preserve) their advantage.

Services Identify Growth Opportunities

Our marketing strategy services lay the foundation so you can make smart decisions to drive your company (or ideas) forward. With solid strategy, you can avoid poor decisions that might damage sales and profitability.

  • Market Research
  • Marketing Plan Development
  • Budget Evaluation
  • Mission & Vision Development
  • Target Audience Insights & Development
  • Communications Strategy
  • Design Strategy
  • Media Planning
  • Reporting & Recommendations

Research & Marketing Strategy Gives You Power

At its core, research and marketing strategy help you make better, more informed decisions. The more research that drives marketing strategy, the better equipped you are to deal with the ever-changing business environment.

Solid research and marketing strategy give you confidence that you’ve given yourself the best chance to reach your goals.

We Keep an Eye on the Data

A plan is only as good as its results, and we want you to have a measurable ROI. That’s why we employ various methods of tracking data, so you know that your marketing efforts are working.

Collaborating with Envision By Design

What’s it like working with us? It depends on your needs. Some clients come to us with partial plans worked up while others bring a big idea and a blank slate. No matter the opportunity, we work closely with you to make sure that the final product is on target, and you have what you need.

Our marketing strategy process generally follows these three stages:



We listen while you tell us about your company, goals, and budget. We ask questions. Then, we research your market, competition, and target audience.



We present our findings and make strategic recommendations based on what we’ve learned. We listen to your feedback.



We make updates based on your input and deliver a strategy designed around your goals and our research.


“Envision By Design has integrity and a great overall work ethic. They have done a terrific job while staying within our allotted budget! We recommend Envision By Design to any company looking to enhance their business image.”

Let’s Make Something Great Together

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