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5 Types of Video Marketing to Incorporate into Your Business Strategy

5 Types of Video Marketing to Incorporate into Your Business Strategy

5 Types of Video Marketing to Incorporate into Your Business Strategy

What exactly is video marketing? Well, video marketing is any type of video you create with the intention of helping you achieve your business goals. This video can be just about any video posted on any platform. Whether you want to introduce your brand, promote a service, or demonstrate a product, video is the perfect way to powerfully connect with your audience in a way that text simply cannot. 

Video has proven time and time again that it is more engaging and leads to higher retention rates. It is more memorable, makes your social media posts come to life, and drives more traffic to your website. These benefits directly translate to an increase in conversion rates, cultivating leads, and improving brand recognition. 

So how do you incorporate video marketing into your strategy? How do you cultivate a video strategy that effectively communicates your company’s vision? Check out five popular types of video marketing designed to fit your audience, increase engagement, and convert viewers into lifelong customers.

5 Ways to Incorporate Video Marketing into Your Business Strategy 

1. Exhibition Videos

Exhibition videos (or product and service videos) explain what a product or service does. Generally, these videos emphasize the unique features of your product or service. The most effective product and service videos include benefits and position your product or service as the solution to your buyer’s problem. Viewers are anywhere from 64% to 85% more likely to make a purchase after watching a product video. 

2. Impact Videos

Impact videos serve as an introduction to your company to potential customers, clientele, or other businesses. Typically, impact videos are short in length to retain attention. It’s always better to keep these videos at or below two minutes to maximize viewer retention. 

The main goal of impact videos is to showcase a company’s core values, mission, and purpose in an interesting, meaningful way. They establish a unique identity for the business and help promote trust and customer loyalty. Impact videos are proven to be more memorable and improve brand recognition – exactly the results you want to see. 

3. Explainer and How-To Videos

Explainer videos, or how-to videos, are self-explanatory – they are short videos that explain how to do something in a compelling, efficient way. These videos can be about your company’s product or service offerings, but the options are not exclusive to that. Explainer videos are often placed on a landing page (more on this in the next section), your home page, or a prominent product page. 

Here’s our best advice on creating explainer videos:

  • Keep it short and get to the point quickly – You should be able to explain your business idea or concept in seconds to grab your viewer’s attention. 
  • Write a video script – A well-written script helps you outline your target customer’s concerns and pain points. Keep it short (90 seconds or less), use simple language, and mention your key message and value proposition within the first 30 seconds. Don’t keep people guessing. 
  • Measure the performance of your video – Once you publish your video, be sure to measure video engagement and be ready to make edits. 

Not only will it help increase conversions, but a good explainer video can also keep viewers on your page for twice as long and improve your website’s SEO search rankings. In fact, some businesses have reported website conversion rates increasing by as much as 144% after posting an explainer video.

4. Landing Page Videos

Why should you place videos on the landing page of your website? The answer is simple: landing page videos capture attention and drive more traffic to your website. By embedding videos on landing pages, it has been shown that you can increase website conversions by up to 80%

5. YouTube Videos

Second, only to Google, YouTube is the largest search engine on the internet. In fact, it has over two billion monthly active users. YouTube is a key platform that allows you to connect with new audiences, increase brand awareness, and much more. 

Check out these tips for successful YouTube video marketing: 

  • Post videos regularly – By posting videos regularly, you’ll be more likely to make your YouTube channel discoverable and continue to grow your audience. 
  • Optimize your videos – Keywords are key when it comes to YouTube discoverability. Be sure to use them in your video titles, descriptions, and YouTube tags. 
  • Create eye-catching thumbnails – Video thumbnails help you stand out in search results. Use bold thumbnails that include text (like your video’s title) and feature an employee. 

Video Marketing: Is it Worth It for Your Business? 

If done well, video marketing can catapult your marketing campaign to the highest levels of success. However, it’s important to focus on more than just sales. The best videos in marketing tell stories that viewers feel they can connect to. If you strike a strong emotional response from viewers, the shares, comments, and likes will follow. 

Supercharge Your Video Marketing Today

At Envision by Design, we make your social media posts and website come to life with video. Our videos are designed to fit your audience, get engagement, and help you convert viewers. Ready to get started or need help deciding on the best plan? Or maybe you want to tell your story in greater detail with a custom video package? Contact Envision by Design for a free consultation today!

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