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The Ultimate Guide to Content Creation

The Ultimate Guide to Content Creation

The Ultimate Guide to Content Creation: 11 Ways to Get Your Content Noticed

Content creation is a term on the rise and the foundation of online marketing. Basically, everything on the internet is “content” – the video you just watched, the picture you just saw, the article you just read – it’s all content. 

Content creation equals a significant return on investment for your company. Why? Because it directly supports business growth. It helps businesses attract, engage, and retain customers. It’s crucial for achieving successful inbound marketing. If done correctly, content creation can also improve your search engine rankings. In short, quality content gets you noticed and brings people to your website, leading to increased profit for your business. 

However, creating content is just one piece of the puzzle. Another piece is strategically sharing your content so it is accessible to all. If your content never gets seen, did you even create it? From blog articles to AI-generated content, here are our best tips for getting your digital content creation efforts noticed:

11 Ways to Get Your Digital Content Noticed

The Ultimate Guide to Content Creation: 11 Ways to Get Your Content Noticed

1. Connect to Your Reader

The goal of content creation: resonate with your audience. The key is to make your readers feel like you’re speaking directly to them. To do this, generate a concrete idea of who your audience is, how to talk to them on their level, and where to find them. This process is also referred to as creating a buyer persona!

When creating a buyer persona, put yourself in the reader’s shoes, then think about how to become their friend. It will take a lot of time, some research, and probably some guesswork. This buyer persona will continue to serve you as you create quality, engaging content because it paints a clear picture of who you’re talking to while creating content. 

2. Write Blog Articles

Blogs are a great way to create relevant content for your audience. You can feature your most recent posts on your website homepage or share articles on social media. Bonus points if you crosslink to your own content, internally linking to other blogs or product pages on your website. Crosslinking helps your reader quickly access related content, keeping them on your website longer as they look at multiple pages. Also, digital content creation can improve your website SEO (but more on that in a minute). 

3. Keep It Relevant

Whether relevant for the times, your demographic, or your product or services, it’s important to keep your content relevant. For example, if you sell athletic clothing, you can use a quote from Lebron James. After all, it’s relevant to your audience and your products!

4. Catch the Attention of Your Audience

Want to create content that connects with your audience? Here are some of our top pointers:

  • Use titles to compel your reader. Put the benefit, or solution to a problem your product delivers, right in the title. This will let the reader know why they should read it. 
  • Use pictures or other visuals. If you’re writing a text-heavy blog, make it more engaging with video embeds, helpful infographics, and so on. Research supports that visuals are crucial to getting more people to engage with and remember your content. 

5. Take Advantage of AI

Currently, AI content creation is having a moment in the spotlight. That being said, getting a publish-ready post from AI isn’t always easy. 

AI can generate text efficiently and accurately but lacks the creativity, cultural context, and emotional intelligence that human copywriters bring to their work. AI-generated content tends to have a robotic feel and sound, making it difficult for readers to engage with the content. While there will be an increase in brands using AI content creation tools, the most effective copy will continue to be written by humans. 

6. Improve Search Engine Rankings

Optimizing your content for SEO is the best way to help people find your content. If someone searches Google for a topic related to your content, you want to ensure your content ranks high in the search results. 

To find potential keywords, consider SEO research. SEO research provides insight into how often people search for a specific keyword or phrase. Domain authority is also important. In short, the more external websites that link back to your content, the more domain authority you have. The higher the quality of your content, the more likely people will share it and link to it. 

7. Go Social

Another way to share content is by promoting it on social media. Because each platform is unique, you’ll need to modify your content to fit the medium. You can’t publish a blog to Instagram without an image, can you? For platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, or Twitter, write a short blurb to introduce your content and entice readers to click your link. And remember your hashtags! But don’t go crazy: three to five hashtags are enough per post. 

8. Launch an Email Newsletter

A newsletter is a perfect way to share content and build your following. A regularly scheduled email helps you gain subscribers and ensures your content gets in front of people most engaged with your business or organization. From there, you can include links to your website to promote sales or engagement with other forms of content on your website. Either way, you get more website traffic. 

9. Reuse and Repurpose Content 

Repurposing content is a smart way to stretch the value of your initial investment. Do you have a blog about a specific topic that got a lot of traffic and engagement? Turn around and make a video about it, or reimagine the content as an infographic. The idea of any content can transcend its original format and become so much more! 

10. Stick to a Schedule 

You’ve likely heard it before, but timing is everything. If you’re new to content creation, developing a schedule for delivering new content won’t take long. Consistency goes a long way. Make a publishing schedule and stick to it, whether it’s weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly. In no time at all, your audience will anticipate new content from you on certain days. Time-sensitive events, news, or holidays are easy to capitalize on – get your content out at those specific times, and keep it relevant!

11. Encourage Your Audience

Like most people, your audience can be easily persuaded and nudged in your chosen direction if done correctly. This can take many forms:

  • Throw in a line encouraging people to comment. Ask for opinions like “What do you think? Let us know in the comments below!” More comments lead to more engagement, meaning more eyes will see your content. 
  • Call to actions. At the end of your content, plug your business’s services or products.
  • Make it shareable. Include an easy-to-find social share icon to help your readers get your content in front of more potential followers and customers. 

Digital Content Creation: Tell Your Story, Make an Impact, and Inspire Action with Envision by Design

Content creation is the foundation of your digital marketing strategy, serving as the means by which you promote your business online. It can make or break your digital marketing efforts, and fuel the success of your other marketing strategies. Give it the attention it deserves with Envision By Design at your side!

Excellent content creation is what separates your brand from your competitor’s brand. From brochures and ads to websites and blogs, the words on the page (or screen) have the power to ignite, inspire, and inform. Every letter, dot, dash, and space serves a purpose to make the best impression.

Want to Learn More About Content Creation? Let’s Talk!

Our content creation services provide you with copy for attracting new clients and nurturing current customers. 

How We Do It: 

  • We work with you to create your brand story and deliver that message in a compelling, easy-to-digest format that holds your audience’s attention. Then, we weave your story into as many different touchpoints as possible to expand your reach. 
  • Our goal is to develop a content creation strategy that makes customers and prospects want to identify with your brand. We do this in a way that aligns with your big-picture strategy, the industry you’re in, and the demographics of your target audiences.

To learn more about our Content Creation services, click here!

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