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5 Logo Design Ideas to Inspire Your Business

5 Logo Design Ideas to Inspire Your Business

5 Logo Design Ideas to Inspire Your Business

An attractive, professional-looking logo is one of the first steps to building a memorable brand identity. So how can you represent your business in one single image? This is the most fundamental function of what we call a logo. 

Your logo is the main identifier of your business. It’s the cornerstone of your brand. It’s a unique visual that differentiates you from other businesses. That’s a lot of weight for a single image to hold on its shoulders. 

Looking for logo design ideas to inspire you? You’ve come to the right place. In this article, we’ll discuss the benefits of hiring a professional logo designer. Then, we’ll take a look at five popular logos from well-known brands to inspire your brand-new business logo. 

9 Benefits of Hiring a Professional Logo Designer

5 Logo Design Ideas to Inspire Your Business

There are many benefits of investing in a professional logo. Professional designers understand typography, color, and imagery in a way most of us do not, so they can easily bring your logo design ideas to life. Some of the benefits of hiring a professional to design your logo include: 

  • Making a great first impression
  • Allowing for quick brand recognition
  • Offering a strategic edge
  • Giving your business an identity to be proud of
  • Creating the logo in formats for print, web, and promotion
  • Researching to make sure your logo is unique 
  • Connecting you to trademark attorneys to protect your logo

5 Professional Logo Design Ideas to Inspire You 

1. Consider Your Target Audience

The best logo design ideas appeal to your business’s target audiences. A professional designer will work with you to design an original logo that resonates with your intended audience. For example, masculine logos look very different than feminine logos. 

For example, the Old Spice logo depicts a sailing ship, reminding us that spices used to only grow in distant countries. The brand offers masculine hygiene products with spicy notes in the aroma, ranging from deodorants to body wash and beyond. 

Sephora, on the other hand, is an American cosmetics brand. The color scheme of black and white is classic and sophisticated. The wavy and slightly extended line, located in the middle, is simple and elegant and symbolizes a woman with graceful body curves. 

2. Promote Your Product Offerings

Old Spice logoSephora logo

Quality logo design ideas should conjure brand recognition for your business and convey key information about your business. This could include insights into your industry, services, or product. Communicating more than your company’s name is part of what makes an effective logo so powerful. 

One of Envision by Design’s very own clients, The Rice House, has a logo that perfectly summarizes what they offer. With the illustration and use of the words “Asian Fusion Cuisine,” customers know they offer authentic Chinese food with a twist. 

3. Opt for Typography Only

Netflix logo Disney logo

Going forward, typography logos could become even more popular. Wordmark logos solely focus on a business’s name. This is a great option for businesses with a short, unique name. These logo design ideas require a sharp eye for detail, as the design should go above and beyond reusing an existing font style. 

The current Netflix logo is simple, clear, and straightforward. It blends seamlessly into all of the platform’s materials and content. It looks similar to the previous logo, but the drop shadows are missing, and the characters are bolder. Also, the color red represents the passion and energy the company has for movies. 

Disney’s logo is used across many of the company’s brands. It is made up of the founder’s signature but with calligraphic touches. These little touches are reminiscent of imagination, magic, and nostalgia, which is perfect for an audience of children and their parents. 

4. Less is More 

Target logo Nike logo

By focusing on the most essential design aspects, less is always more. In fact, most successful logo design ideas offer the best of simplicity. Some of the most famous and recognizable logos are not burdened by non-essential graphic elements. 

Though the Target logo has changed multiple times, the core visuals have always stayed the same. The emblem is built around a stylized depiction of a target with a pronounced bullseye. In 2018, the capital letters were replaced by lowercase letters. 

For instance, Nike’s unique but straightforward logo has turned the company into a trustworthy brand. The swoosh mimics the wings of Nike, the Greek goddess of victory. The fluid design that evokes motion and speed is iconic and has become a significant component of sports culture. 

5. Choose a Memorable Mascot

Planters logo with Mr. Peanut Chester Cheetah

Mascot logos involve an illustrated character and serve as a great way to assign a face to your brand that is both endearing and recognizable. The mascot is essentially your brand ambassador. Famous examples of mascot logo ideas include Mr. Peanut of Planters and Chester Cheetah of Cheetos.

Make a Lasting First Impression with these Logo Design Ideas

First impressions matter, especially in today’s competitive market. Now, it’s more important than ever to make a memorable impression on clients (and leads). Your identity and branding strategy give the ultimate first impression. With the help of Envision by Design, you can make it count with a professionally designed logo. 

Stand Apart from the Competition with Envision by Design

Here at Envision by Design, we create professional, well-designed logos and branding to engage your audience, communicate your message, and make a stellar first impression. Want to learn more about our logo design and branding services? Contact Envision by Design today!

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